hummingbird summer

  • The Rest of The Story

    Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s daughter, Zuzu, in the original, has agreed to return for the “The Rest of The Story” as an angel who shows Bailey’s unlikable grandson (also named George Bailey) how the world would be if he had he never been born.

  • Prilosec OTC

    Prilosec OTC taps Larry The Cable Guy to promote the brand in true blue collar fashion. The commercial features original music by Hummingbird Productions.

  • Coca-Cola Olympics

    Hummingbird Productions composes music for the 2012 Coca-Cola Olympics commercial “Corner”, featuring female boxer Marlen Esparza. In the London 2012 Olympic Games, Esparza took home the bronze medal in the flyweight boxing category.

  • Bob Farnsworth on the Today Show

    Bob Farnsworth on the Today Show

    Hummingbird Productions President, Founder, Senior composer and creative director, Bob Farnsworth, was invited to The Today Show to participate in a “Who Knew” segment called ‘Name that Jingle’. Hoda and Kathie Lee played several Hummingbird commercial jingles for the audience and awarded prizes to the people who could name the brand or product.